COMBO - FPV Stack (ESC+Flight Controller)


4in1 Stack Combo p/n MSRP  MAP USD
Micro 45A ESC + FC F4 (G2) 38040300 $137 $79.99
Nano 20A ESC + FC  38040028 $108 $75.99


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Important note: 

1. Power capacitor must be installed.  Every Xrotor 45amp 4-1 includes 2 power capacitors. One larger, and one smaller.   The larger capacitor should be used for 5s-6s lipo, the smaller capacitor can be installed for 4s-5s lipo directly on the PCB (ESC), not by a power plug.  Failure to use the included power capacitors will result in damage to your ESC.

2. BL_Heli_32 ESC settings can cause damage. Default settings should be used.

3. Motor KV ratings and prop size/pitch combinations recommendations.

- 4s Lipo using 5 inch props up to 2700KV
- 5s using 5 inch props, up to 2450 KV
- 6s using 5 inch props up to 1750 KV