XRotor 4in1 ESC for FPV Racing


    XRotor ESC - 4in1 series


    60A BLHeli32-DS1200


    40A BLHeli32-DS1200


    Nano 20A 4in1 BLHeli-S DShot600


    MAP $84.99 $74.99 $44.99
    30902063 30902045 30901068
    BLHeli32 DShot1200
    BLHeli32 DShot1200 HW Special Program for FPVs
    FPVs with 130-200mm
    Diagonal Wheelbase
    FPVs with 130-200mm
    Diagonal Wheelbase
    FPVs with 150=mm
    Diagonal Wheelbase
    LiPo Power input 3-6s Lipo 3-6s Lipo 1-4S LiPo
    60Ax4 40Ax4 20A×4
    Burst Current 80Ax4 60Ax4 30A×4
    BEC Output 5V@0.6A No Bec No BEC
    Input wires
    Red-14AWG-100mm/ Black-14AWG-100mm 18AWG-100mm (Red/Black)
    Output Wire
    No wires but solder tabs
    No wires but solder tabs

    No wires but solder tabs

    XT60 (w/ Wires Soldered on) /no
    XT60 (w/ Wires Soldered on) /no no 
    Weight / Size



    12g/ 40x33x5mm 6g / 32x31.9x5.8mm

    * Note: All the wire length above is the original length, not the length you see from the outside.

    Manual Download

     60A 4in1 Manual Download

     20A 4in1 Manual Download
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    Important note: 

    1. Power capacitor must be installed.  Every Xrotor 45amp 4-1 includes 2 power capacitors. One larger, and one smaller.   The larger capacitor should be used for 5s-6s lipo, the smaller capacitor can be installed for 4s-5s lipo directly on the PCB (ESC), not by a power plug.  Failure to use the included power capacitors will result in damage to your ESC.

    2. BL_Heli_32 ESC settings can cause damage. Default settings should be used.

    3. Motor KV ratings and prop size/pitch combinations recommendations.
    - 4s Lipo using 5 inch props up to 2700KV
    - 5s using 5 inch props, up to 2450 KV
    - 6s using 5 inch props up to 1750 KV