Vanover 3 Blades Props


Strong, Fast, Freestyle & Racing props
- High-Grade Polycarbonate
Length 5.1"  Pitch= 4.8˚  Hub ID = 5mm
Material & Style
PC HG.(High-grade) Polycarbonate 4.8g

What in the package?
5 Sets Bundle
5x Set of Props: 10x CCW Propellers, 10x CW Propellers
10 Sets Bundle
10x Set of Props: 20x CCW Propellers, 20x CW Propellers
30 Sets Bundle
30x Set of Props: 60x CCW Propellers, 60x CW Propellers
60 Sets Bundle
60x Set of Props: 120x CCW Propellers, 120x CW Propellers
these propellers are designed specifically for FreeStyle & Racing.