MAP policy & Boundary agreement

Thank you for being part of the Authorized HOBBYWING Dealer Program. As part of our ongoing efforts provide support to HOBBYWING Dealers we have the following information regarding regional sales and MAP policy.  Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.   Detail HOBBYWING MAP policy terms and conditions are listed below.

In addition to the MAP policy, HOBBYWING practices the boundary agreement.  The boundary agreement is consist of the following terms.
1.  As an official HOBBYWING authorized dealer, you are authorized to resell products within your country or region specified in the authorized dealer/distributor agreement. 
2.  Dealer's that violate these terms will lose their dealer status with HOBBYWING. Violators will be informed from HOBBYWING MAP/boundary enforcement department for corrections. If no action has made, the store/distributor is subject to loose the resell / distribution license from HOBBYWING.  
3. Products sold outside of your designated boundary are considered "Violation of your Dealer Terms", or a "Gray Market Product" and will result in no warranty services for the customer.  
4. Any questions, please contact your account adviser or