Attention to HOBBYWING dealers!

Hello from HWNA :)

Awaiting for a long time, HOBBYWING North America (HWNA) is pleased to announce that the online order site for dealers is finally open. The site design was quite complex to accommodate a wide range of requirements among regions, if not countries, yet we are able to introduce a simple and clear interface for you to place an order at light speed.  This new cloud-based site design responses to various platforms ranging from a traditional computer (PC & Mac), mobile smartphone, iPad, Android tablet and etc. We have closely paid attention to the latest security protection which enables us to accept most of the credit cards, bank-wire-transfer, and the latest payment gateway such as Apple Pay, Braintree, etc.  HWNA is working closely with established e-commerce security professionals so that your transaction is protected, not only during the checkout process but also the fulfillment phase.  You will NEVER receive any junk mail from us.  :) 

Although our IT team worked very hard, there is no such thing that is perfect. We will improve the site continuously. Please do let us know if you find any bugs, broken links etc.  -


How soon can we get your product?

HWNA is partnered with our sister company FalconSEKIDO who specialized faster & accurate delivery with their state of art technology.  Most orders are processed on the same day or let you know if there is any back-order due to high demand in products. 

Any questions about your order, please contact

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