XR10 PRO G2 ESC (2S)


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Generation 2

What comes in the box?
All editions come with

  • XR10 PRO ESC w/ a cooling fan
  • (2) Input wires & (3) Output wires  (See Edition package schedule below) 
  • (2) x cooling fan (comes with one back-up fan)
  • Dual capacitors
  • Decals
  • Bonus parts: heat tubes, double tape, nylon cable zap traps

Edition package schedule

Edition package
(P/N | SKU)
12 AWG
12 AWG
Secondary Extended power switch Included Included

Note: Elite Edition is available for North America customers exclusively. 



  • Upgraded 32-bit M4 microprocessor with more powerful processing capability guarantees stable control and rapid response. (Industry's highest 32-bit microprocessor, increased processing speed by X4)
  • Peak current up to 1200A. (this is not a typo)
  • Built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 10A and voltage adjustable from 5V to 7.4V (step: 0.1V) for usage with servos & other devices require different voltages.
  • Variable frequency regulation of PWM & brake frequencies allows users to precisely regulate the driving; braking forces (of the motors).
  • Expanded range of the max. brake force brings in the active brake ranges from 101% to 150%.
  • Softening function (HOBBYWING-initiated) for milder or wilder driving control and better driving efficiency.
  • 10 select-to-use profiles applicable to all 1/10th RC car racing.
  • Internal electronic key switch for long service life, high reliability; and the external switch port for connecting an external switch (included in the product box) is applicable to different situations.
  • Separate PRG/FAN port is able to power an external fan for maximize cooling performance or connect a LCD program box or WiFi module to the ESC.
  • With the New WIFI express module (purchase separately), users are able to program parameters, upgrade firmware and check relevant data during the event using either the iPhone or Android devices.
  • Switchable motor direction (CCW/CW) for various chassis.
  • Multiple protections come in standard
    • low-voltage cutoff protection
    • ESC and motor thermal protection
    • Fail-safe (throttle signal loss protection)
    • Reverse polarity protection*
  • Data logging for recording the maximum ESC/motor temperature, motor speed/RPM, and others in real time.
  • Firmware upgrade via Hobbywing multifunction LCD program box or WiFi Express (item sold separately).

* The external standard cappack will still be damaged if battery reversal occurs. For full protection, recommend to use HOBBYWING SMT-MLCC capacitor banks (purchase separately)


 Xerun XR10 PRO G2 user manual


ID Xerun XR10 PRO ESC - Generation 2
30112607 (Rejuvenator) | 30112608 (Stealth) 
Application Brushless motor system for 1/10th, 1/12th Touring Cars & Buggies Racing, Splash proof
Cont./Peak Current 160A/1200A
Input Voltage 2S LiPo/5-6 Cell NiMH
BEC Output 5V-7.4V
Wires & Connectors Standard: 12AWG 200mm
North America edition: 13AWG 200mm (30112610) 
Programming device LCD program box
WiFi Express Module (available through Firmware update)
Firmware LCD Program box via USB software (PC only)
OTA available by WiFi Express (iOS / Android) - coming soon
Size & Weight 37.5X30.9X32.5mm
Weight 95g
Motor spec recommendation

1/10th Touring Car≥4.5T
1/10th Buggy ≥ 5.5T 3650 Motor

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Works best with...

  • Xerun V10 G3 motor
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Tutorials / unboxing
 (coming soon)