XERUN V10 G2 brushless motor


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XERUN V10 G2 brushless motor

G2 Competition Motor

ROAR Approved
Perfect match with XR10 PRO, Xerun 120A V3.1, Xerun Stock Spec V3.1 ESC
Sensored / Sensorless, 2 pole, brushless motor
    Product Name     MSRP MAP
    XERUN V10 G2 Brushless Motor - ROAR Approved $117.00 $59.99
     10.5T 30401106
     4.5T 30401101  13.5T 30401107
     5.5T 30401102  17.5T 30401108
     6.5T 30401103  21.5T 30401109
     7.5T 30401104  25.5T 30401101 
     8.5T 30401105
    Optional devices


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