QuicRun 3650 Sensored Brushless Motor G2


1/10th, 1/12th On-road (Race or drift Touring cars, F1, M vehicles and etc.) & Off-road (Buggies/2WD SCTs & Trucks) STOCK/SPORT Class Competitions (About Motors' T counts, please refer to rules regulated by race organizers), Beginners for practice, and Rock Crawlers (applicable to 21.5T,25.5Tmotors)

    Product Name     MSRP MAP
    QuicRun 3650 Sensored Brushless Motor G2 $78.00 $54.99
    • Motor Dimension (mm): Outer Diameter 36mm Length 52.8mm
    • Shaft dimension (mm): 3.17mm, Length of Projecting part 15mm
    p/n T Kv LiPo  R. (Ω) No Load
    Amp (A)
    30404312 6.5T 5750kv 2S 0.0066 4.6 194
    30404311 8.5T 4560kv 2S 0.0125 3.6 186
    30404309 10.5 T 3600kv 2-3S 0.0183 2.8 186
    30404310 13.5 T 2850kv 2-3S 0.0289 2.4 186
    30404306 17.5 T 2170kv 2-3S 0.0488 1.6 186
    30404307 21.5 T 1800kv 2-3S 0.0747 1.3 186
    30404308 25.5T 1520kv 2-3S 0.1 1.1 186

    It is very important to select the reasonable gear ratio, as inappropriate selection may cause great loss to users. Please select the correct gear ratio according to the following points!

    1. Operating Temperature of the Motor During the operation, the motor temperature e should be lower than 90 ℃ (194℉). Temperatures above 90℃ will demagnetize the magnet & may melt the coils and eventually damage the ESC (because of strong current). Therefore, the most effective way to prevent over-heat is to select the right gear ratio. 

    2. A principle of Gear Selection To avoid potential risks, caused by overheating, which may lead to ESC/motor damage or malfunction, please start with very small pinion and check ESC & motor temperatures frequently throughout a run. This is the only way to guarantee that you are not causing excessive heating. If Motor and the ESC temperatures remain stable and low in the running, then you can slowly increase the pinion (with more teeth) while again monitoring the temperatures to determine the safe gearing for your vehicle and motor. Because the climate and track conditions always change, please keep monitoring ESC & motor temperatures to protect your electronics from damage.

    3. Gear Ratio(s) Suggested The below form shows some rough data about gear ratios (these recommended ratios are reference values when setting the ESC to the Zero Timing Mode). If you don’t know how to set the suitable gear ratio, please begin with a big ratio (i.e. small pinion) and then adjust as required, or consult with on-site drivers who are using the same power unit for basic information.

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