Xrotor 2405 Titanium Motor for Drone Racing

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Motor Title p/n MAP
2405-1800KV 30405406
$19.99 ea.
2405-2250KV 30405407
$19.99 ea.
$19.99 ea.
2405-2850KV 30405405 $19.99 ea.
  • Maximum thrust of 1.58KG (*XRotor 2405 2850KV motors+5040 three-bladed propellers, 3S LiPo) combined with the thrust to weight ratio of up to 47.3:1 provide aggressive power for FAV drone(s).
  • Concave anti-skid teeth combined with locknut and special internal circlip (or snap ring) effectively prevent rotor from losing or slipping and enhance the reliability of the motor.
  • Neat winding with ultra low resistance guarantees the balanced current of the motor.
  • Eight-bladed centrifugal fan reduces the operating temperature of the motor; clear rotation direction mark on the motor case helps installation.
  • Low Vibration & Noise 
  • Special 240℃ heat-resistant windings (after vacuum dip coating treatment) can stand high, surge current.
  • N54 super magnets guarantee high torque output.
  • Super thin (0.2mm) silicon sheets imported from Japan guarantee low (power) loss, less heat generation but high magnetic permeability.
  • Dedicated 4mm bearings (the thickness is enlarged by 33% compared to the regular 3mm bearings on the market) imported from Japan guarantee great load-bearing capacity and impact-resistance.
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