Price match guarantee*

In order for us to protect and support retail shops while we continue to produce HOBBYWING products in a highly competitive market,  HOBBYWING is one of the early adaptors whom business model established the Minimum Advertised Price Policy a.k.a MAP policy.   

This principle applies to our loyal wholesalers like you.   We have an agreement with distributors that the wholesale price must be standardized throughout the United States and Canadian regions.    

If you currently have multiple channels to obtain our products and a distributor is displaying you a lower wholesale price than what shown in our wholesale direct site, please let us know immediately at   We will match their price under the following conditions below while we will issue a violation ticket to correct their wholesale price or terminate the sales channel immediately. ( your identity will be kept confidential and never get exposed). 

We found MAP policy is a vital knowledge for everyone to be aware of and it is an absolutely necessary to control so that we can not only to protect the end users, store owners among heavily discounted stores from Hong Kong / China who does not have any after-support & service but also to avoid 'a price-war'. 

Price Match Guarantee will not be granted if 

  • it is during the sales season established by us such as a summer campaign, black Friday
  • if the product(s) is determined a gray product and/or a counterfeited product(s)
  • The products purchased already (we do not issue refunds to make up the differences.)  The offer will be granted on the purchase you will be making at our wholesale direct site. 

If you report us a distributor who is violating the wholesale standard, 

  • We will upgrade the store status to Tier-I (your store needs to be approved by our authorized dealer network requirement)

Should you have any questions, please let send us a message to 



HOBBYWING Wholesale Direct dept.



Thank you for the cooperation and understand in advance




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