Year End wholesale campaign

: Objective :

Promote HOBBYWING products furthermore during the year end sales period.
Extra boost on sales to our authorized  dealers

: Terms :

Take off an additional discount from the standard wholesale price
  • An additional discount rate: 8% storewide ( use special coupon will be provided. 
  • Eligible products for an additional discount: 
    • Platinum ESC, 
    • Flyfun ESC, 
    • XERUN ESC, motor and combo, 
    • EZRUN ESC, motor and combo, 
  • Following products receive in an additional promotional discount ( the wholesale price has already adjusted, plus extra 8% discount, up to 15% OFF combined) 
    • Platinum 160A-HV ESC  @ $362 ($380 regular wholesale price + extra 8%!)
    • XRotor PRO 40A 3D ESC
    • XRotor PRO 40A Cob ESC
    • XRotor PRO 50A ESC
  • All sales are final

    : Sales Campaign period :

    Nov 1st Monday  - Nov 30th Monday 

    : Procedure :

    order products as usual
    Use the coupon code at the end of checkout page

    : Coupon Code :

     :Delivery schedule:

    Delivery schedule may take longer than usual as high volume orders are expected. If you have any questions, please contact

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