Platinum 160A-HV ESC Ver.4.0

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  • Lipo 6S-14S  ESC
  • Hobbywing's latest technolgy 
  • The most advanced ESC for aircraft  
  • Replaces Kontronik/YGE / both performance and price
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Comparison with other brand
Name HW Platinum 160A-HV V4 ESC  Castle Phoenix Edge HV 160 Specs
BEC With its own super BEC, which can adjust output voltage, range from 5V to 8V, 10A continuous output current, burst current is 25A. NO
LiPo Cells 6-14S 3-12S
Shell Aluminum alloy shell Plastic shell
Programming Separate port for ESC programming
(this port is also the FAN port, we can match a separate program cable for you, so this cable can be removed easily)
with the programming cable on its esc (can’t remove)
Parameter You can program your ESC with a LCD program box and a programming cable or an Android/iOS smartphone, a WiFi Express*.  Connect the programming cable to a special adapter, then must need to connect the adapter to computer to program.
DEO Technology YES NO
Spark-Proof feature YES NO
*Before the ESC programming, you need to plug one end of the programming cable in the ESC port on the LCD program box, the other end (of the programming cable) to the FAN/PRG. Or you need to connect the WiFi Express to the ESC. Certainly, a battery is needed in both situations.


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